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What’s next for Syracuse football’s 2019 recruiting class?

The Orange added 17 players on Wednesday. Now what?

North Carolina State v Syracuse

The Syracuse Orange football program added 17 players on Wednesday to kick off the 2019 recruiting class.

But the class isn’t over just yet. Syracuse still has additions to make on National Signing Day come February. Who are those individuals? Here’s a quick rundown of which players are potentially still out there for Syracuse:

Dorian Hewett, DB/Texas (3 stars)

Hewett is the lone verbal commit that didn’t sign on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. He’s yet to have a chance to take his official visit, so that is likely a box he’ll want to check before he signs. Expect to hear something about that in the New Year.

Octavius Brothers, LB/Florida (3 stars)

Brothers was once a UCF commit before he reconsidered back in October, and since then he’s visited both Syracuse and North Carolina. Tennessee’s been pretty interested of late. He’ll be deciding in February and likely choosing between those three at that time.

Michael Dukes, RB/South Carolina (3 stars)

Dukes, from Charleston, is a potential package deal with fellow Palmetto State prospect Cooper Dawson, who signed on Wednesday (in the best way possible). SU was a bit late in the game but made a big enough impression when he took a visit in late November to make a great impression. South Carolina, UNC and Virginia Tech are all pursuing as well, so we wait ‘til next year to see who he picks.

Steven Linton, DE/Georgia (3 stars)

Linton took a late visit to Syracuse in this cycle and seemed to love it. However, he hasn’t yet made his pledge between the Orange, Arizona State, USF and Louisville. Who knows how much we’re still pursuing with three defensive ends already in this class. But stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Reggie Hemphill-Mapps, WR (Texas transfer)

Hemphill-Mapps had announced at one point that he was headed to Syracuse, but that tweet no longer exists and no one’s confirmed it since. Also he wouldn’t be part of this class, even if he did end up on the Orange. Let’s see where this goes.


Anyone else you’re keeping an eye on? Weigh in with things other than “I HAVE INSIDE SAUCES THAT SAY HE’S HEADED TO X UNIVERSITY.”