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National Signing Day: Ranking Dino Babers’s Syracuse football welcome tweets


Virginia Tech v Syracuse
when u got a fire pun ready for early signing period
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Dino Babers’s is a national treasure, as you’ve already come to know. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps one of the best ones is the Syracuse Orange coach’s approach to the early signing period/National Signing Day.

Combining a mix of pop culture references, dad jokes and local shoutouts, Dino’s welcome tweets have become one of the best parts of recruiting. This year was no different, as he once again delivered some gems very much keeping with this blog’s long tradition of jokes and garbage.

Below, we’ve updated our ranking each of Babers’s now 21 welcome tweets, from most entertaining to least entertaining.

1. Adrian Cole

It took 38 years, but we finally got AC in the Carrier Dome!

Dino expressed some sadness about the Dome getting some better air circulation after it was announced, but he leans into the joke here. The man internets well and it pays off here.

2. Ishmael Goulbourne

This Ish is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

The “Call Me Ishmael” reference was there for the taking, but Dino doesn’t opt for low-hanging gags. Instead, he goes with the musical nod to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” We knew Dino loves some Santana and Rob Thomas, but do his pop music sensibilities extend even further?

3. Garrett Williams

24 Garrett magic in the air! This king from the Queen City will be locking down opposing WRs for the foreseeable future.

... ends up that yes, his pop music sensibilities do extend further. Here, the more recent reference to Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic.”

4. Anthony Red

The hunt for Red is over! This big man from Dwight Freeney’s hometown will be dominating the trenches for years to come!

It took a second to get to the movie reference, but Babers delivers on “The Hunt for Red October.” He seems like he’d be a big Sean Connery fan.

5. Mikel Jones

Who?! Mikel Jones!

More music! Plus some additional points for the one-time Orange-turned-South-Carolina basketball player Mike Jones who had to hear this one far too much in 2006-07. Also, nailed the prediction here.

6. Cornelius Nunn

WRs will want Nunn of these problems from this ballhawk from the crib! 305 -> 315 connection still going strong!

The dad joke was hanging out there and he grabbed that brass ring.

7. Cooper Dawson

This Dlineman from the Palmetto State is a home run! Syracuse is about to become Cooper’s town!

This is underrated, and you’d be forgiven for missing the “Cooper’s town” and “home run” through line on the first past.

8. Luke Benson

Beamer, benz, or Benson. This Tight End has the need for speed!

A two-fer here, starting with Lloyd Banks’s “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” shout, and then following that up with Top Gun.

9. Geoff Cantin

Voulez vous rencontrer le dernier membre de la famille Orange? Voici Geoffrey Cantin du Cégep Garneau!

Sure, this was probably just put into Google Translate, but applaud the extra effort on one of two Quebecoise additions for 2019.

10. Lee Kpogba

HoLEE cow this LB is going to be special!

Dino doesn’t seem like a soccer guy, so the Pogba reference is an understandable one for him to avoid. “HoLEE Cow” is another winning dad joke.

11. Joe Rondi

Can’t wait to get four seasons in the dome out of this Jersey Boy!

Nice Frankie Valli reference while tying to the Dome’s non-existent climate. Waiting for him to just start dropping deep-cut lyrics when the next N.J. kid commits.

12. Andrew Tuazama

Zama said knock you out!

There are some really fantastic music tie-ins this year, including this LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” shoutout. Reminder: This song is like 10-11 years older than these recruits.

13. Jawhar Jordan

This New York kid is bringing his speed back up to the Empire State! Can’t wait to go to jaWHAR with him in the Dome!

This took a couple passes, admittedly. But it works from a dad joke perspective.

14. Aman Greenwood

Smurph is going to make Papa proud in the Loud House!


15. Matthew Bergeron

This Canadian loves some extra Maple Syrup on his pancakes.

O-linemen from Canada provide the maple syrup/pancake connection.

16. David Summers

Summers coming early this year in Cuse!

Clever, and almost a reference to Groundhog Day’s outcome this year. Still think the “Endless Summer” joke was just hanging out there waiting for him.

16. Steven Linton

ACC QBs beware - This hard hitting Georgia Peach will be getting after you in the land of the Orange!

Peach/Orange produce jokes that play on Georgia as the Peach State.

17. Garrison Johnson

When the G Train is coming you better get off the tracks! Can’t wait to see this big back bulldoze backers in the Loud House!

Enjoy the alliteration and potential nod to Ernie Davis, “The Elmira Express.”

18. Darius Tisdale

Tis the season for giving, and the Orange are getting a big time Offensive Tackle under the tree this year!

Early signing day births holiday references for us, including this passable tree note.

19. Courtney Jackson

No surprise the 1st commit is the 1st NLI in! That’s because this guy is no talk and all action. Welcome Action Jackson to the Orange family!

These are really just listed facts, and then an “Action Jackson” movie reference. Still, was interesting that Courtney was first in both committing and signing.

20. Jason Muñoz

The 3 (orange emoji) 5 to 315 connection stays strong!

Facts only.


Overall, think this might be Dino’s best effort yet from top to bottom. Agree? Disagree? Share your own thoughts below.