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#CuseTixForKids: Donations end Thursday

So let’s see if we can get to $20,000 or so.

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

When we last checked in on #CuseTixForKids, fundraising had officially topped the original $14,444 goal and wasn’t stopping there. As of this writing late Tuesday afternoon, we’ve now raised $15,869 to send underprivileged Orlando-area kids to the Camping World Bowl to watch the Syracuse Orange. But we’re not done just yet!

Today, Syracuse announced that its Camping World Bowl allotment is sold out — a number that includes tickets that will be allocated through #CuseTixForKids. So far, about 300 or so attendees from Sports 4 the Kids and the Seven Rivers Pop Warner football program will be able to go with food accounted for (and SU has already agreed to supply shirts for the kids). But we’ll be able to increase that number of tickets as the donation total rises.

So how much more can we raise before our self-imposed deadline of this Thursday evening, Orange fans? Getting to $16,000 is infinitely doable. $17,000 is too. Could we get all the way to $20,000 in around 48 hours? We’ve been impressed by this group before...

If you haven’t already:


And if you already have, thank you so much for your generosity around the holidays. We appreciate you very much, and all of these kids will too. It’s awesome that it’s now become a cool tradition for us to help out local kids every year, and we’re excited to see our newly orange-clad fans cheering Eric Dungey and the Orange down in Orlando.

Thanks again everyone. Let’s finish strong!