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The Syracuse vs. Georgetown extended cut was an absolute movie

Heat wave coming through.

Georgetown v Syracuse Getty/USA Today

What you’re going to want to do at this very moment is first make sure that there aren’t any brick walls near you. If there are, please locate to a safe area absent of any brick slabs. Next, be sure to clear your work schedule for the next hour or so.

Now that that’s established, you’ll want to fasten your seatbelt and prepare to INJECT THIS SYRACUSE ORANGE VERSUS GEORGETOWN EXTENDED CUT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR VEINS. For those of you that are good listeners you’ll be rewarded with no injuries due to that brick wall you’d otherwise be attempting to run through following the consumption of the most incredible theatrical entertainment you’ve witnessed in all of 2018.

Seriously though, for the second year in a row the Syracuse-Georgetown extended cut was an absolute movie. You might recall Syracuse’s trip last year down to Capital One Arena to take on Georgetown in Washington D.C. The Orange picked up a win and the Syracuse video team produced one of its biggest wins on the season.

For those that haven’t followed, the Syracuse video team (football guys included) has been crafting some of the best Syracuse content around. The footage and production from last weekend’s game against Georgetown was no different and with a week in between basketball games for finals, that cleared up some extra time for the video team to produce something like an extended cut which, among other tasks, tend to be arduous and time-consuming.

These videos are just like a fine Boeheim aged in oak and keep getting better with time. The intro begins with Gerry McNamara talking about Tyus Battle — the two most clutch players in Syracuse basketball history — and G elaborates on how big Battle has been throughout his career. After you get goosebumps at about the 0:14 second mark you’ll be riveted to the screen for the remaining 7:15. Enjoy — it’s a good thing you cleared your schedule for the next hour because you’ll be rewatching this at least seven times.