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Where are the weirdest places you could agree to a contract extension in Syracuse?

We already covered the “news” — now let’s talk about the jokes and garbage.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange and Dino Babers agreed to a long-term contract extension this week, hopefully letting you rest a bit easier about our football fortunes for at least another year or two.

When SU athletic director John Wildhack spoke to Brent Axe about the extension on Wednesday, he shared a little bit more about how everything fell into place — most notably the two sides reached a verbal agreement 10 minutes before tip-off of the Syracuse vs. Georgetown game. According to Wildhack, he was “in the back of the Dome down in by Stadium Control in the stairwell” when things were confirmed.

That’s certainly a weird place to get a contract extension in place, but is it the weirdest in Syracuse? We took a crack at some of the other strange locales one might choose to agree to a raise of at least one million per year:

Erie Canal Museum

Now that you’ve gotten the big pay raise, the suggested $5 donation is a drop in the bucket (literally). Peruse the old Erie Canal artifacts while you count the new dollars attached to your annual salary.

Upside-Down Traffic Signal

If you’re a football coach with an affinity for tempo, this may actually be appropriate. The green light’s on top, symbolic of how your offense is always ready to go fast. There’s no other reason to be under the signal to agree to a deal.

Back corner of J Michael Shoes

Perhaps you prefer nice footwear and wanted to reward your new contract with some fresh kicks. Or maybe the shoes you wanted were so expensive that you needed the pay bump to afford them.


You wouldn’t, and neither would we. Moving on...

The basement of that one house party that one time

Where is it? “Somewhere on Euclid,” responds freshman year you. There’s no way you’re ever getting back to that house on “720 Acker-something-or-other,” but you’ll try just for the nostalgia of it while getting this deal done. Wait, is that it? 812 Ostrom? Or was it 519 Clarendon? Maybe if we start drinking, we’ll find our way back...

Inn Complete

No wait, this is actually a perfect place to sign a contract.

On the bus to South Campus

Or on the way back. Either way.


Certainly this just scratches the surface of the random places in Syracuse where you can agree to a contract extension. So add your own ideas below.