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Has Tyus Battle hit more big shots than any other Syracuse players?

It seems like Jim Boeheim didn’t have 100% reason to remember the name.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday’s victory over the Georgetown Hoyas, Syracuse Orange Head Coach Jim Boeheim remarked about Tyus Battle’s ability to hit big shots late in games saying:

“He’s made a lot of big shots,” he continued. “Probably as much, or more, than anybody we’ve ever had here in late game situations.”

Syracuse has had plenty of clutch players under Boeheim and certainly Battle has shown the ability to make big shots, but has he done that more than anyone else in Boeheim’s tenure?

Thanks to some “inside sources,” TNIAAM was able to get a screenshot of a string of messages sent Boeheim’s way regarding his comment. Our source couldn’t confirm the identity of the person sending the texts only telling us that it was someone “close to the program” who wanted to remind Jim that there’s someone else who delivered in the clutch for him. Take a look

A screenshot of a text message

Hmmm...maybe those links might provide clues as to who this could be referring to... so what happens when we embed them:

Does Boeheim “Remember the Name” at this point? (a reference to the team’s 2006-07 entry song)

Battle obviously makes a compelling case for himself here, and others like Eric Devendorf and John Gillon (for a season) did as well. But for the time being, it’s unlikely that any of them are equaling what Gerry was able to do consistently for four years on the biggest stages. Tyus could get his chance to come close to Gerry, however, if the Orange can keep up their recent winning ways.