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TNIAAM LIVE IN NYC: Come join #DisloyalIdiots on November 16 at East End

You never asked, but we answered. The first-ever Live TNIAAM Podcast comes to NYC’s East End on November 16 at 8:30 pm!


Due to Syracuse’s... result on Thursday, we’ve moved the Podcast up to 8:30 p.m.!

In case you have just joined the Syracuse Orange Sports World: Hi! We’re the blog of #JokesAndGarbage record, with some decent sports info every now and again. We also have a podcast that (sometimes) talks about the Orange every week. It’s fun!

In the spirit of things that are fun, we wanted to put together something that many podcasts are doing lately, and that’s a LIVE show! With so many ‘Cuse fans and TNIAAM readers/listeners in and around New York City for the ‘Cuse in the City week of basketball and football next week, we figured, “Why not?”

Here are the details (which you can also find on Facebook — please RSVP and invite your friends):

Where? East End Bar and Grill, on First Avenue between 86th and 87th Streets. Look for the giant inflatable Otto outside.

When? 10 pm! We’re planning on going for about an hour and half, starting a bit later so fans can get from MSG after the 2K Classic Championship game to East End.

How do I get in? First come, first serve. We know East End can fit over 150, but we’re not going to charge, and assume anyone not into Syracuse sports talk will just leave and make more room for those that very much are!

Merch? Tees ($20) and koozies ($5)! If you buy a koozie, you’ll get $2 off Bud Lights (anti-#BRAND) for the rest of the evening. All profits from those sales will go to “The Let’s Do this Again/Pay For This” jar. And maybe we actually get the podcast host out for the next one.

Who is going to be there? Right now, Andy will host the shindig with Dan and James coming on to be the TNIAAM football and basketball experts, respectively. We may have other NYC based Nunesers like a certain Hoya Suxa around as well.

Basically, we’re looking to meet some of the great community members of this site in person, and celebrate ‘Cuse football and basketball both being really fun and ranked at the moment.

Planning on coming? Let us know in the comments so we know to look out for ya!