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Syracuse’s non-Dino Babers coach candidate pool was horrifying

How were these the choices? (and be SO happy we got Dino instead)

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

At 9-3 in year three, we couldn’t be happier to have Dino Babers as the Syracuse Orange’s football coach.

We felt that way when he was hired for 2016, and the idea’s only grown since: We made one of the best hires of that coaching carousel, and now Dino is now among the best of them all.

On Wednesday, approached that question and ranked Babers third out of all 30 hires that offseason, behind just Scott Frost (then at UCF) and Kirby Smart at Georgia. That’s fine. But the bigger piece of information came from Floyd Little, who revealed for the first time what Syracuse’s final candidate list looked like, along with Babers:

  • D.J. Durkin
  • Randy Edsall
  • Scott Frost
  • Al Golden
  • Chris Ash

That screaming you’re hearing is you.

Connecticut v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Here’s what those gentlemen have been up to since:

D.J. Durkin, Maryland (10-15; fired)

After coming over from Michigan, Durkin went 6-7 in year one, then 4-8 in year two. The culture he created contributed to the death of player Jordan McNair this past offseason and after being put on leave, Maryland brought him back just to fire him a day later.

Randy Edsall, Connecticut (4-20; probably there for life)

UConn’s defense was among the worst ever this year, and Syracuse played but a part in that achievement. I don’t think the Huskies are getting any better under Edsall, but hey, they can dream.

Scott Frost, UCF/Nebraska (19-7 at UCF, 4-8 at Nebraska this year)

We all knew Scott Frost was going to go to Nebraska eventually. His quick success at UCF just sped that along. This is only bad because he would’ve probably left Syracuse for the Huskers already.

Al Golden, Detroit Lions assistant

Golden’s been part of the Lions’ defense for the last few years. They’ve probably been fine. This would not have been an inspired hire in any case.

Chris Ash, Rutgers (7-29; somehow not fired)

Ash hasn’t done much to improve Rutgers in his three years on campus. After things looked a little better to start 2017, things fell apart to end it. Then this year was a complete tire fire, especially on offense. There would be no football fans left in the stands by now had we hired Ash.

Happy we dodged that bullet now, aren’t we? Just another reason to be glad Dino Babers is at the helm for Syracuse.