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We have to talk about the alt-universe Syracuse Orange in Japan...

We thought Syracuse was the only one of its kind. We thought wrong.

We’ve long thought we — the Syracuse Orange, Otto the Orange, our whole “orange” obsession — were unique in this world.

Other schools wear orange, mind you (some of them poorly). But Syracuse’s use of an actual orange as a mascot and a full lean-in on the color and the fruit is something no one else does. Or at least no else in America does...

But apparently there is another very ORANGE team, in Japan. Credit to Caitlin Sanders who originally found the Hosei Orange on Twitter last night and launched the Syracuse corner of the web into a frenzy. I mean, look at this damn thing.

There’s so much more than just the mascot, too. But we’ll get into that...

For some background, the Hosei Orange are part of the “Top 8” in the Kantoh Collegiate American Football Association (wait, Kanto?). They were originally called the Tomahawks, but were renamed the Orange in 2017 by their primary sponsor, the Dome Corporation. WHAT?!

Among their biggest rivals in the Top 8 are the Chuo Raccoons and Waseda Big Bears.

But holy crap, the MERCHANDISE STORE.

We’ll let Sean be your guide to everything Hosei Orange:

Could there be some preseason matchups with the Hosei Orange in Syracuse’s future? Has anyone here actually been to a Hosei Orange game? If yes to the latter question, how have you yet to report this information back to us?

In any case, marvel at your alt-universe orange and wonder how we can be more like them... with as little #PLATINUM as possible.