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#FakeNunes preview: Syracuse Orange vs Boston College Eagles

Shipping up to Boston

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse
Nov 25, 2017; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange wide receiver Steve Ishmael (8) out runs Boston College Eagles linebacker Davon Jones (16) to score a touchdown during the first quarter of game at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If it’s Wednesday, then you know it’s time for #FakeNunes preview. All the #jokesandgarbage you need to get ready for this week’s Syracuse Orange game.

Opponent: Boston College Eagles

Location: Newton, Mass

Students: 14,419

The 2018 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We’ve come up with some new categories this year because if we’ve learned anything from the NCAA this summer it’s to create a metric you own the rights to and no one knows how you calculate the formulas.


BC’s managed to keep a traditional look with some minor Under Armour tweaks.

Syracuse has kept things relatively close to their traditional color scheme as well. Since it’s been worn a lot on the road this season, we’ll guess we see the Orange in white jerseys and orange pants.

Advantage: Syracuse

NCAA Football Playability:

AJ Dillon’s ability to run over people would allow you to just grind the clock and annoy your opponent with death by off-tackle.

Advantage: Boston College

Football Program Hashtag:

#OITNF vs #WeAreBC/#DecidetoFly

Either one of BC’s would be good enough on their own (or even #TimeoFly) but you know what they say- if you have two hashtags you have no hashtags.

Advantage: Syracuse

Pop Culture Alum: Each week we’ll compare alums who are relevant in pop culture

Amy Poehler vs Vera Farmiga

This week we look at two contemporary actresses. Poehler’s best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation. Farmiga’s got both an Academy Award and Primetime Emmy nomination on her resume. Both of these women have accomplished a lot since leaving their respective schools in early this one’s going to be a tough call.

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 10 Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Advantage: Boston College.......yes really

Overly Optimistic SU Fan Prediction from @MrSUFootball

We’re tired of all your #honoryourcontract and #disloyalidiot comments so each week the most optimistic Syracuse Football fan we know gives you his predictions. I’m not sure if he’s slept this week, but he’s ready to go for this weekend’s game. Current Prediction Record (8-3)

Syracuse 66 Boston College 13

Here are my four downs of reasoning:

1) Northeast National Championship, this is for the mythical NE natty. It would mean everything to secure it and bring it home to this community.

2) Bowl game play in- man oh man the stakes are so high. Winning could be a dream trip to Disney or the beautiful sun and mountains of El Paso. Either way this team is getting that 13th game and I expect an angry, vintage bounce back performance from our 20th ranked Orange, yes I typed 20th ranked heading into the final game.

3) Hot tub party- hopefully that hot tub has special healing powers for Eric’s back, but I’m sure Dino, Dungey and DeVito devised the perfect game plan together regardless if it is Tommy or Eric. Hopefully next season I’ll be able to write a big post about my visit to the hot tub. Stay tuned y’all. (Ed. note: Please can we make this happen Syracuse.)

4) Regular season conclusion- it all started inside Waldo stadium at Western Michigan. I remember walking into the stadium and I just started to cry. It was so beautiful to see the boys out there again, but I thought to myself I only get 12 of these moments a year. 13 if I’m lucky. While there is still a monumental game on Saturday, I always reflect to some lifehouse or something of that nature to go over the great times this regular season has had. I look forward to smashing Boston College and preparing for a great holiday season with our team playing for a title in a bowl game. Savor it all Syracuse, enjoy the rise of this program. Happy thanksgiving to all.

Alright Syracuse area hot-tub companies, let’s hear some sponsorship offers for a Mr SUFootball and Dino Babers weekly hot-tub segment.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey tells us about the opponents’ QB

If you thought Jalen would keep his opinions to NFL QBs, we’re happy to announce that we got him to speak about SU’s 2018 opponents.

“AJ Brown is getting some great NFL preparation by turning around and handing it to AJ Dillon 30 times a game. I know at least one team where that’s all the QB is asked to do.”

Victory Cigar Meter

8.7/10 Addazio’s got Syracuse connections, but most of all he knows this game is about bowl standing and selling a program as the premier private school program in the Northeast. If he can beat the Orange for the 2nd year in a row, he’s going to be high-fiving dudes all the way to Back Bay.

Babers Viral Post-Game Locker Room Speech Meter

9/10 Very few of you picked Syracuse to be sitting on eight wins heading into this game (and most of you claiming that are lying anyway) so this could get emotional in the Syracuse locker room. A victory on the road would cap a tremendous season and I’m sure we’d get something special from Dino.


Right now it looks unlikely that Eric Dungey plays, but with a week to get a gameplan in place for Tommy DeVito Syracuse shows off the vertical passing game. The Orange receivers bounce back from a tough game in the Bronx and make some key catches in a Syracuse win.