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‘Heim Time: Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim only hands out big bars of candy on Halloween

That’s Big Bar Boeheim to you.

St Rose v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Welcome to a new series, ‘Heim Time! We’re putting Jim Boeheim in the spotlight and highlighting the funniest sh*t he says to the media. Hope you enjoy.

In case you missed it, the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team cruised past Le Moyne on Wednesday in the final exhibition game before the start of the non-conference schedule. The game was played on Halloween night and while head coach Jim Boeheim was given a treat in the form of Quincy Guerrier’s (aka the Candy Man) commitment to Syracuse, Boeheim had a treat of his own for the media.

Earlier in the day we were curious as to what kind of candy is passed out at the Boeheim residence, so we took to twitter to speculate.

While the responses were great, we later heard it straight from the horse’s mouth in the post-game presser. Just before Boeheim was about to leave, he had some parting words.

“Happy Halloween. Oh by the way. I gave out candy at home and we only give out big bars of candy,” Boeheim joked.

Looks like the Boeheim house is the one that kids change costumes for on Halloween and hit twice.

While sources sauces close to the Syracuse basketball program could not confirm nor deny whether or not Boeheim was made aware of the Nunes tweet, we’re going to pretentiously go ahead and say Boeheim’s quip was undoubtedly in reference to us.

Also, shoutout to Kip Wellman for playing along.