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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Wake Forest

Okay, but what does a RANKED beer taste like?

Crystal Palace v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Perhaps you cleared out your beer stash celebrating the Syracuse Orange’s sixth win last weekend. But even if you did, it’s time to stock back up for what should be another entertaining matchup on Saturday against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

We’re back to noon ET kicks for this one, so pre-game consumption time is minimal at best. Still, perhaps you need a few to get through the RSN announcers’ regular butchering of any and all names on the field.

No matter when (or if) you’re imbibing before, during or after this game against Wake, see below for beer picks that are worth your while. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Wake Forest Beer Pick: Wise Man Brewing Blissed Out: Mango Milkshake IPA

Before you ask about Foothills (and someone will), we featured them last year and try to avoid repetition where possible. Wise Man makes quite a few IPAs, but this Mango Milkshake iteration was the most intriguing to me. It’s made with a ton of mango, plus milk sugar and vanilla and of course, a significant hop bill too (Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado). For those not familiar with the style: it’s a nice combo of sweetness and bitterness that’s full-bodied and allows for experimentation with atypical (mostly fruit) flavors. If you’re looking for an intro to milkshake IPAs and aren’t anywhere near Winston-Salem, maybe give Tired Hands (in Pennsylvania) a try... and then eventually head down to Wise Man.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Heritage Hill Brewery Frazee Milk Stout

Heritage Hill is a new brewery that popped up out in Pompey. All signs point to good beer and good food at this point. They do flights of their selections and the views from the Farmstead are phenomenal. Their Frazee Milk Stout is a solid brew to take in these fall days with. Described as “coffee with cream and sugar with hints of chocolate.” They have a breadth of offerings from their malt bombs like this, to some haze options as well as unique local flavors like their Dutch Hill Maple Amber (Maple Syrup ESB) and Way 48 which is a hefeweizen brewed with local strawberry and rhubarb.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Dry River Brewing Sasha

You probably associate saisons with lighter flavors, appearance and feel — but that’s not always the case. One example is Dry River’s Sasha, a black currant Saison brewed in L.A.’s Boyle Heights neighborhood. The finish is tart and dry, with oaky notes and the black currants sitting front and center. Dry River makes quite a few experimental styles and fruited ales, trending toward the sour variety (but not exclusively). Each one is a unique take on something you’re at least a little familiar with. But the bolder execution is what sets them apart.