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Syracuse football wearing all-white uniforms against Notre Dame

Plus chrome masks!

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After the Syracuse Orange started the season by wearing a good deal of orange (makes sense), we figured they were going to end up somewhere in #PLATINUM territory by the time we rolled around to Saturday’s huge game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Instead, we thought wrong. SU will go to a familiar look, for the second time in as many games.

The Orange will be wearing their all-white uniform set, but with an orange chrome facemask. We’ve seen this look once before, in 2017’s close loss at Miami. SU also just wore all-whites (with the standard, white mask) two weeks ago at Wake Forest.

Syracuse typically announces uniforms on Thursday or Friday, but the cat was sort of let out of the bag on Tuesday by the New York Yankees, who tweeted out a photo of the two helmets for the game — an image which included the white SU lids with the chrome mask. As you may recall, Notre Dame will be wearing some of the most hideous, garish uniforms this side of Oregon... an Ed Hardy-looking Yankees/ND hybrid that was probably inspired by the closets of numerous New Jerseys residents.

As for the Orange’s history with the all-whites, they’re 4-3 in them since the start of 2014, with one consecutive win (two weeks ago against Wake). Since this is the eighth time they’ll don this combo, the all-white uniforms are now once again tied with the “classic” orange/blue/orange home look for the most uses since this uniform set was unveiled.

Looking at the individual uniform elements, the Orange are 6-7 in white helmets, with two straight wins this year against FSU and Wake. They’re 6-16 in white jerseys and 2-2 this year, with losses to Clemson and Pitt. Syracuse is also 4-11 in white pants, and 1-1 this year between the contests against the Deacons and Tigers. They’re also 1-2 in the orange chrome facemasks, with the only win coming against the ‘Noles earlier this season.

Happy they’re not #PLATINUM? Sad they’re not orange? Share your own thoughts on Syracuse’s uniforms below.