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Taco Time: Tyus Battle moves Syracuse basketball to 3-1 ATTS

Taco Bell will be out of business in no time in CNY. We can only hope.

NCAA Basketball: Morehead State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team moved to 2-0 on the young season this Saturday as SU picked up an 84-70 win over the Morehead State Eagles. Given that Syracuse passed the 70-point mark, the Orange achieved Taco Time for the third time of the season which means that if this keeps up Taco Bell will be running out of business in Central New York soon.

It also means that if you’re participating in these promotions and cashing in your ticket stubs for what amounts to a poor excuse for a taco, your digestive system as well as your significant other probably dislike you.

Anyhow, Tyus Battle did the honors this time around when he hit a jumper with 5:20 left in the game to get Syracuse to 71 points.

With that, Syracuse moved to 3-1 this season ATTS. While we’re at it, I honestly don’t see any reason why we can’t just take this awful-for-your-intestines promotion another step further and tie in some sort of Chipotle Curse advancement. Either way, see TNIAAM Taco Tracker stats below.

We changed ‘Taco Time Author’ to ‘Bell-ringer’ thanks to the wit of TNIAAM commenter Syracuse is Oranges. Shoutout to you for doing our job better than we can.

Syracuse 2018-19 Taco Time Record (ATTS): 3-1

October 25, St. Rose - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle

October 31, Le Moyne - Bell-ringer: Buddy Boeheim

November 6, Eastern Washington - N/A

November 10, Morehead State - Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle

Leading Bell-ringer: Tyus Battle (2)