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Syracuse Football Depth Chart: Dino’s Ready for Fightin’ Byes

‘Cuse not changing much for annual Byes matchup

Connecticut v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

As usual, the Syracuse Orange used Monday to release their depth chart for the week’s matchup. With the Fightin’ Byes on the schedule, Dino took this opportunity to speak a little more freely than most weeks, while announcing that the depth chart wouldn’t change much from last week.

We didn’t get clarification as to why Devin Butler didn’t make play against the Pittsburgh Panthers for a violation of team rules, but Babers did speak at length about Bevin Dutler, one of the Byes’ top options. “We’re going to be watching for Dutler outside as well as Re’Sean Shiley inside. We know both can go deep. We know what they’re capable of.”

Continuing to talk about the opposing offense, Babers had a lot of good things to say about Byes’ QB Dave Dungey will look to attack a reeling ‘Cuse secondary. “Even though Dave only showed up for the first time last weekend, we’re aware of his big play potential,” said Dino. “We’re gonna have to play disciplined and lean on our linebackers to make the right play when he’s outside the pocket. We also know Dom TeVito can sling it for them.”

bye week

No word yet if Tommy DeVito gets the start over Eric Dungey in what should be a tune up game. While this week’s game will have no impact on bowl eligibility the Orange should have no problem on offense. Not only are the Fightin’ Byes nowhere to be found on Bill C’s S&P+ defensive chart, but judging from fuzzy game film it appears as if the Byes have allowed at least 80 points per game leading into their game at the Dome.

You can watch the Byes and the Orange play this Saturday on ESPN Quince, available only on the Nintendo Switch.