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Syracuse Bowl Watch: Week 6 slide doesn’t change much

All of the Pinstripes belong to us!

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Quest for Gasparilla Bowl Andy Pregler

Oooooooook. That was less than ideal. The Syracuse Orange aren’t as close to bowling as we thought they’d be, and now the margins start getting sliiiiiiightly smaller. There are still three excellent chances to win at the Dome and fill up the Bad Boy Mower. Do people think we’re going to do it? Let’s find out!

Quest for Gasparilla Bowl Andy Pregler

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So let’s flesh out why most feel the Pinstripe Bowl is where Syracuse will end up. In years past, the ACC had a bowl hierarchy, meaning their tie-ins had a ranking system. Bowl one would get first dibs, then two, three etc. This year, the ACC announced a tiered structure for their bowl tie-ins.

Assuming Clemson makes the playoff, the number two ACC team could be eligible for the New Year’s Six bowls, and the number three team would go to the Camping World Bowl. After that, four bowls have equal footing to take four ACC teams. (We’re now at 7 ACC Bowl-Eligible teams for those keeping track.) If more than seven ACC teams are bowl eligible, then their is a hierarchy for up to five more ACC teams.

Right now, most prognosticators are assuming Syracuse finishes 6-6/7-5 and outside the top three of the ACC. In that case, the Pinstripe Bowl is likely to offer Syracuse or Boston College their slot, as both are assumed to fill the stadium. The only two times the game has gotten over 40K has been with Penn State or Notre Dame in the game. Their main concern is selling tickets, and if the Notre Dame-Syracuse resale market is any indication, ‘Cuse sells.

So here’s this idiot’s week six “bold” prediction: unless something crazy happens in the ACC (which, lol, ACC), ‘Cuse finishes middle of the pack 6-6 and ends up playing in New York City.