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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh

What are you drinking? And mostly, what am I drinking for this one?

Oktoberfest 2018: Day Two Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

This weekend, the Syracuse Orange take on our sort-of-kind-of rivals in the Pittsburgh Panthers. The Orange have progressed to 4-1, which is about as respectable as we could have expected to be, but because of how it happened, we hope you didn’t finish off whatever forms of alcohol you’ve got around the house.

We’re down a Cassillo, but don’t think that means we’re down a beer column. Whatever would we do around these parts without our bathtub IPAs? Here’s to hopefully celebrating with a brew on the Orange’s first 5 -1 start in a long, long time.

No matter when (or if) you’re imbibing before, during or after this game against the Panthers, see below for beer picks that are worth your while. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Pittsburgh Beer Pick: Dancing Gnome Infinite Highway

The brewery itself has a rotating tap list that changes with which way the wind blows, but one of the staples you’re likely to find on is Infinite Highway. The imperial IPA is a Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy hop bill that is double dry hopped to create what my one friend described as a “pillowy, soft and mild” feel on the palate.

Lustra, noted in the tweet, is one of the pale ale offerings. Overall, the brewery is pretty hop heavy, but there are some other malt forward options that pop up on the regular. The tap room is also a pretty cool space to check out.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Buried Acorn Zuerst

Buried Acorn is a pretty new shop around the Syracuse area, I think the newest to be exact. They’re also going quite adventurous out of the gate. The brewery describes itself as follows:

The description is pretty accurate, as Zuerst, their first Berliner-weisse offering really stands out. Even clocking in quite light at 3.5% ABV, the taste and flavor profile are extremely rich and fit the bill of the style. They also offer anything from grisettes (Eensy) to barleywines (Sticky Lips) and anything in between, including possibly the world’s best can art in Stash Hero, their double IPA.

Wild Card Beer Pick: Hill Farmstead Anna

If you know beer, you know Hill Farmstead. They’ve been rated the best brewery in the world for four years running. It’s actually as good as the hype as well. There’s nothing that tastes like a Hill beer. I don’t know what they have in the water up there, but damn does it work.

I opted to select Anna, their Farmstead Ale brewed with Vermont honey over some of the stalwarts like Edward, their flagship APA. Anna has that unique Hill saison taste with enough malt, balanced house yeast and the wildflower honey really comes through. It’s also one to age, like many of their beers. I’ve got too many in my cellar, and they all age well. If you have a chance to get up there, do it.

I think I went this direction to offset Glaude’s inevitable Genesee advertisement in the comments. Though I can say I love me some Utica Club on gamedays myself.