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#FakeNunes Preview: Syracuse Orange vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons

How will the Orange handle being a road favorite this time?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If it’s Wednesday, then you know it’s time for #FakeNunes preview. All the #jokesandgarbage you need to get ready for this week’s Syracuse Orange game.

Opponent: Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Location: Winston Salem, NC

Students: 8,116

The 2018 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We’ve come up with some new categories this year because if we’ve learned anything from the NCAA this summer it’s to create a metric you own the rights to and no one knows how you calculate the formulas.


Both of these teams have been Nike-fied with unnecessary shoulder accoutrements and ridiculous number fonts. I do hope this week means Syracuse goes all-white uniforms with the chrome orange helmets and Wake goes with their all-black home look with gold chrome helmets

Advantage: Syracuse

NCAA Football: Clemson at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

NCAA Football Playability:

Now Greg Dortch would be fun to control. You’d just keep throwing him the ball and moving him around the field, but as we saw last week when you get the full Dungey experience, it’s hard to beat.

Advantage: Syracuse

Football Program Hashtag:

#OITNF vs #GoDeacs

Honestly Wake Forest has the right idea. Why find something that isn’t as cool after a year or two? Sometimes the basic, simple choice is the correct one when it comes to branding.

Advantage: Wake Forest

Pop Culture Alum: Each week we’ll compare alums who are relevant in pop culture

Aaron Sorkin vs David Chase

We’re staying with television this week, but flipping to the show creators. Sorkin’s “The West Wing” was a smash with critics, but it’s tough to go against the man who brought us “The Sopranos” .

Advantage: Wake Forest

Overly Optimistic SU Fan Prediction from @MrSUFootball

We’re tired of all your #honoryourcontract and #disloyalidiot comments so each week the most optimistic Syracuse Football fan we know gives you his predictions. I’m not sure if he’s slept this week, but he’s ready to go for this weekend’s game. Current Prediction Record (6-2).

Syracuse 54 Wake Forest 20: Here are my four downs of reasoning.

1) 6th win- my oh my y’all, I can’t tell you how much this means To me personally. I still remember Brisly estime’s electric punt return to help set up the win in the Texas Bowl and being in attendance for the two Pinstripe Bowls. However as a cuse diehard we haven’t got to play much during the holidays last 15 years. I still remember leaving a local establishment and turning the lights off in my basement after the Louisville loss last year and drowning myself in fireball. At one point, I fell onto my back and stared into the deep dark ceiling wondering if we could ever get 6 wins again. Those were very dark days. Well friends we have our evidence, our belief and now our bowl game. It was an out of body experience being in those stands as Armstrong intercepted that pass and you knew in that moment we were going to get a monumental win on national tv.

2) #19 in first College Football Playoff rankings- okay read that back again. I swear there is no grammatical errors there y’all. Not going to lie I hit pause and I stared at the screen. It’s pretty freaking awesome that we were apart of this. It’s important to keep moving forward, but don’t forget to savor these moments also Syracuse fans. I expect many more times with us being showcased on the top 25 show, but it never hurts to take it all in.

3) Boulder on his shoulder- believe it or not Eric Dungey can have a few mediocre games and still turn in epic performances like on Saturday. This kid has the Johnny Unitas award winner written all over him. I expect another warrior type performance from QB1. I think he’s got his swagger backkk oooooo oooooo.

4) Road Warriors l- it’s time to win our first ACC road game under Dino. While we have struggled with wake lately, I think with the weather being supposedly nice down there I think we take a few years frustration out on Wake and demolish them. I also hate Dave Clawson smug look so it’s time to wipe that off his face too. 4 regular season games left, 1 yet to be determined bowl title game. Enjoy it Cuse fans it comes and goes so quick!

You heard the man Cuse fans- savor the moment!

NFL: International Series-Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey tells us about the opponents’ QB

If you thought Jalen would keep his opinions to NFL QBs, we’re happy to announce that we got him to speak about SU’s 2018 opponents. He’s been pretty spot-on the last two weeks so what’s he got to say about this week’s opposing QB

Sam Hartman....let me see his numbers. Ok ok....well he’s no Cody Kessler......what do I mean by that? Exactly”

Victory Cigar Meter

2/10: Dave Clawson was at Bowling Green before Babers and I doubt there’s animosity between them.

Babers Viral Post-Game Locker Room Speech Meter

5/10: This is an important game as Syracuse needs to show they can win on the road in the ACC, but a Nooner isn’t going to get the best from Dino.


The Orange can’t afford a letdown here. We think the leadership should be strong enough to keep Syracuse focused and they leave Winston Salem with a hard-fought win.