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Syracuse football uniforms: Orange wearing all blue against NC State

As one would expect with a national audience, Syracuse will look nothing like itself.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as it was announced that the Syracuse Orange vs. N.C. State football game would be in primetime on national television, you were hoping that SU would wear something that looked like school colors.

However, you also know your Syracuse by this point, so you — like me — ultimately knew that orange would be about as minimally involved in the uniform choice as possible. Welp, here you go...

Syracuse will be wearing all blue on Saturday night, to compete with NC State wearing its own all-white color block set (I know white’s not a color, design people). Unfortunately, the national Saturday audience will see an Orange team that’s decidedly not... orange. And wearing one of its worst combinations.

It’s not that SU can’t wear orange with the spotlight on them. Last year’s Friday night upset over Clemson was blue/orange/blue. We had orange jerseys and pants on when we beat FSU earlier this year. And we wore orange down at LSU this past season. But for every one of those, you’ll see something like the 2016 Virginia Tech game, which gave us orange helmets with #PLATINUM we’ll never stop seeing because of the win ending up on highlight reels since.

Since Dino Babers took over, the team has gone with 12 different uniform looks each season, not repeating any. That’s good for the players, I guess. But when you go all-in on orange in the early parts of the season (as we did this year), you start running out of unique combinations. SU has worn at least two orange articles in four of the first seven games, and at least one in the other three. That leaves the second half of the season likely to be pretty orange-less.


For some history on the all-blues: We’re 0-2 with them so far (2017 Boston College and 2015 Clemson). The blue helmets are 1-0 this year (vs. UConn) and 4-7 overall. We’re 1-0 in the blue jerseys (Wagner), but 5-12 overall. SU’s blue pants are 5-9, with a loss to Clemson and a win over UConn this year.

Hate it? Don’t care? Wish we’d just wear orange more frequently? Just happy it’s not #PLATINUM? Talk about laundry in the comments.