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Can Syracuse borrow a page from the NFL and run some 2-QB looks?

H/t FeloniousPhunk for the idea he’s been pushing in one way or another since the summer.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

No matter who you feel should be taking the first snap for the Syracuse Orange offense on Saturday, we will spend the rest of the week discussing the pros and cons of Eric Dungey and Tommy DeVito.

In the QB1 piece John wrote this weekend, TNIAAM commenter FeloniousPhunk brought forward a very interesting idea:

Been holding onto this thought for awhile

Figure this is as good a place as any for it. Related to #MoveDungeyStartDevito and Dungey’s future as a pro.

I was watching the Saints a couple weeks ago and was intrigued by how they use Taysom Hill. He’s kind of general utility player, but they also put him in for Drew Brees a handful of plays, where he runs their zone read offense. The effect is that NOLA is essentially running the wildcat, except with a real QB taking those snaps. It’s well known that the NFL is a copycat league so, if the Saints continue to have success with that setup, it’s not a stretch to think some other coaches around the League will adopt it.

Right away I’d also point out that the Baltimore Ravens are doing something similar with Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson especially in short yardage and goal-line situations. Interestingly enough those teams met this past Sunday and someone was nice enough to compile some clips.

Jackson’s been used in a Wildcat role while Taysom Hill gets deployed as a QB, RB and WR in various offensive sets for New Orleans. Now we aren’t suggesting that Dino Babers moves Dungey into a role as a Wildcat QB, but if you at the above video and also look at other ways the Saints have used Hill you can see some potential for the Orange.

Imagine a goal-line offense where DeVito is in the shotgun with Dungey lined up in the backfield next to him. Syracuse could run their favored RPO look or go with a sprint option look with Dungey as the pitch man. If defenses sell out for the run, it continues to leave open the easy toss to the TE in the end zone (has worked numerous times this season, most notably for the game-winner on Saturday).

What if Dungey lines up in the slot and at the snap comes back in a jet sweep look? If he’s given the ball you still have to respect the run and pass. Since Dungey’s shown the ability to get the tough yards and get into the end zone as a ball-carrier he would certainly force the defense to make a quick decision about attacking him or staying with their coverage. Playing two QBs at the same time could create a lot of confusion for Syracuse’s opponents.

It’s unrealistic to expect Syracuse to implement too much during the season, but even a couple of plays using both QBs could lead to important touchdowns or short yardage conversions the rest of the way.

Thanks Felonious for the idea, what do others think of the possibility of a two-QB set of plays?