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Syracuse Football prepares for a pivotal month

The three games in October could mean more than just bowl eligibility

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans are reeling from what could have been had the Orange held on to defeat the Clemson Tigers. People are right that moral victories no longer matter and that it was a huge missed opportunity. Now it’s time to move on and look at the opportunity still ahead and what the Orange are facing as they begin Operation October.

With a 4-1 record the Orange head to face the Pittsburgh Panthers and that hasn’t been an easy task for Syracuse in the 21st century. As Matt mentioned Syracuse last won at Pitt in 2001 and only one loss since then was by less than 10 points (2007). To say Heinz Field hasn’t been kind to Syracuse would be an understatement so the first step is to get a win. It doesn’t have to be pretty. It doesn’t have to be a blowout. Just get to 5-1 and enjoy the bye week.

Syracuse v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The coaches and players can do the whole one game at a time thing but as fans we have the need to get ahead of ourselves a bit. After the bye, the North Carolina Tar Heels head into the Dome during Homecoming/Orange Central and with the bigger crowd that event brings, it’s an opportunity for Syracuse to convert more casual fans to believers. If the Orange have that 5th win, it’s also going to be their first chance at bowl eligibility. Getting a 6th win in October would certainly help the coaching staff as they try to wrap up the 2019 class. It would be tangible evidence that Syracuse was moving forward and that players were needed to help the Orange reach that next level.

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

So if Syracuse can win the two games they will be favored in and get to 6-1 they will playing with house money. Even if you don’t believe in momentum there is something to be said when a team starts to exceed expectations and believe in themselves. Last year’s NHL expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights were expected to be terrible but they started fast and made an unexpected run to the Stanley Cup Final. Should Syracuse get on a run and face the N.C. State Wolfpack at home in front of a loud home crowd they could continue to find success on the Dome turf.


Think about it for a second. It’s ok to do it we’re not on the team.

Remember when Dino was introduced and he talked about ”Faith - belief without evidence”?

7-1 with four games to go would be evidence that the belief in his vision was correct. 7-1 would have people talking about a ranked Syracuse Orange football team. 7-1 would mean November 2018 isn’t just championship season for field hockey and cross country (oh and the start of basketball season too). 7-1 would mean a whole lot more than 3-0.

That’s what’s in front of Syracuse right now. Their mission is to successfully complete Operation October and make 7-1 a reality.