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Syracuse Orange and Syracuse Mets: Let’s #BRAND this thing up

Oh, you knew this was coming.

Syracuse Orange’s Otto the Orange at Citi Field
DYK Otto used to be a top Mets pitching prospect?

You didn’t come here for analysis, you came here for #JokesAndGarbage, and no team delivers that more than the New York Mets. (Pauses because I’m off my chair laughing at Dave Littlefield being looked at for GM of the Mets.)

So what happens when our favorite marketing department teams up with the newly renamed Syracuse Mets? #BRAND happens. Here are some free ideas from the TNIAAM PR Firm.


We’re gonna have a game in Central New York celebrating the two team’s presence in New York City, because both teams are definitely the number one team in New York City. The reality is that ‘Cuse is more New York City’s College Team (A Doc just earned his cell phone) than the Mets are New York City’s Baseball team.


Let’s be real: the moment you saw their road jerseys you knew that there’s going to be a PLATINUM Night at NBT Bank Stadium, featuring half and half platinum Mets/ORANGE jerseys, with platinum bullets for $2, platinum hats worn by the team and platinum dome dogs. In conclusion, platinum.


Listen: it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Mr. Met and Otto were cousins in some way. (I don’t even want to imagine that family tree.) But let’s just show some love for all those circularly challenged mascots; Extra wide doorways, extra neck support cushions and bench seating will all be featured. Just don’t let Big Red in, we’re still not sure what that deal is.

Got any more ideas? There’s a lot of games to fill, so share your best idea in the comments.