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A Syracuse basketball lesson in lingo including drip and who has the most of it

Apologies in advance to some of the older readers. We’ll get off your lawn soon enough.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-North Carolina vs Syracuse Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In case you might have missed it, yesterday we were gifted with a video from ESPN Syracuse radio host and Syracuse dot com’s Brent Axe. There was a lot to unpack in said video from media day in which both the Syracuse Orange men’s and women’s basketball teams broke down what they do in their free time, what they’re watching and what video games they’re playing.

That included a key nugget from Buddy Boeheim in which he divulged that Jim Boeheim does in fact enjoy watching Fortnite being played despite the elder Boeheim not participating (probably a Lonely Lodge and hunting rifle kind of guy anyhow).

We were also given a lesson in vernacular as Axe asked about the teams’ lingo, uncovering words like ‘facts,’ which ironically is said after someone gives an opinionated statement, usually with enough truth behind it to garner the response, ‘facts.’ Occasionally when someone makes a very valid opinionated statement, it might even garner the response, ‘big facts.’

Words that were also discovered include ‘no cap,’ — which really means no lie — as well as ‘drip.’ Drip is just a modern word for swag or style. Again, apologies to the older readers.

Embarrassingly abreast of this lingo is me, so when media day rolled around last Friday I asked the guys on the team, who has the most drip?

“I’ll give it to my man Frank,” Paschal Chukwu said.

“Most drip? Probably Frank. Frank or Jalen,” Howard Washington said.

“I’d say Frank,” Tyus Battle said.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Four-Syracuse vs. Arizona State Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Marek Dolezaj also said Howard. Bourama Sidibe gave the nod to Elijah Hughes and Robert Braswell anointed Howard Washington. While Frank Howard eventually won the official tally, the freshman point guard out of Harlem also started to compile some votes.

“Probably Jalen,” Hughes said.

“Most drip? Jalen Carey,” Buddy Boeheim said.

“I would say Jalen. Especially as a youngin’ coming in,” Howard expressed.

Interestingly enough, the three point guards on the roster all picked each other.

“A lot of people I heard were saying me,” Carey began. “I’ll go with Frank, Elijah got some drip (too). I feel like everyone got some drip in their own way.”

So what does Carey wear and where does he get his drip?

“It’s not really a certain brand I like. I feel like I could put anything together it doesn’t really matter on the brand,” he said. “I might shop at Urban Outfitters or something like that, it doesn’t matter the price of the clothing.”

One thing is for sure. Facts, no cap and drip are no longer cool now that we’re all aware of the lingo and the players will have to move on to a new form of exclusive language.

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