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Otto-man Empire grows Syracuse stronghold in California

The latest Syracuse alumni map shows even more Orange-folk in the home of “every” TNIAAM commenter, the Golden State.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When we last checked in on the United States map of the Otto-man Empire, Syracuse Orange alumni had grown strongholds all across the country — most notably in California, home of yours truly and numerous other members of the TNIAAM community.

This time around, the alumni map looks similar in many ways, just with even more Orange alums headed toward the Best Coast.

Once again, we’ve shaded states by total alums, with the deepest orange states having the most alums and the least-orange having the fewest. Yes, we’re aware Alaska (195 alums) and Hawaii (355) are not on the map above. Sorry about that.

For the states we did include, though, some other notable facts:

  • 27 “states” have at lest 1,000 alums, and 17 had at least 2,000.
  • Six of those have more than 10,000: New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida and Pennsylvania.
  • That said, New York has more than five times the total for California, once again the second-highest “state.”
  • All but four “states” have at least 100 alums: Wyoming (83), South Dakota (60), North Dakota (53) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (37). All of those dipped from last April, with Wyoming (-23) and the Virgin Islands (-30) dropping most significantly.
  • Illinois has only gone up marginally (+16) since Sean moved to Chicago, so I guess he didn’t have as many electoral votes as we thought.
  • Indiana (865) and Kentucky (528) are the only state in ACC territory without at least 1,000 Orange alums. South Carolina (1,658) is actually the only other ACC state below 3,000.
  • Speaking of Indiana, there aren’t nearly enough alums there to warrant a non-conference trip to Purdue when we already have a P5 team on the schedule that year.

Impressed at the expansion of the empire? Wish your respective state had fellow alums you could trade jokes and garbage with in-person? Share your own thoughts about the map below.