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Who has the best & worst haircut on the Syracuse basketball team?

A fun exercise in compliments and shade.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve followed Syracuse Orange forward Elijah Hughes on Instagram long enough, you’ve likely found the redshirt sophomore dogging his teammates for their haircuts at some point in time. That is, of course, because Hughes thinks his teammates’ cuts are awful or that they’ve gone too long without one. Chief among those targeted teammates tends to be Tyus Battle, but some of the other guys aren’t spared from the crosshairs of Hughes either.

So at media day last Friday the guys on the team were asked to settle this thing. Who has the worst cut on the team and while we were at it, who has the best?

“Tyus has the worst haircut,” Hughes said without sparing Syracuse’s returning leading scorer. As for the best? “I can’t say myself? Probably Howard (Washington),” Hughes finished.

Freshman forward Robert Braswell laughed when prompted on the question, assuredly well aware of Hughes’ antics on social media. He led with Frank Howard for best haircut.

“Worst haircut? Gotta pick on Tyus,” Braswell said.

Two of the three point guards on the roster had conflicting views — the aforementioned Howard and Jalen Carey came up with separate answers vis-á-vis Battle, but both in essence drove home a similar point.

Syracuse v Arizona State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

“I can’t say myself? Best cut?” Howard asked just before Adrian Autry Jr. interjected and suggested himself. “Nah, ugh uh. Not my man A. I’ll say best cut, I’ll give it back to Oshae (Brissett). Oshae or Howard. Worst cut? Tyus. Because he just doesn’t like haircuts. I don’t know what it is,” Howard finished.

“Best haircut? I’ll say Tyus gets some good haircuts,” Jalen Carey said. “Elijah and them be getting on him. He waits a while to get it cut but when he does get it, it’s a good cut. Worst haircut? Bourama (Sidibe). I’d say Bourama.”

Battle was about as quick to defend himself as he is when defending in the 2-3.

“The thing was I didn’t get a haircut in a month. I went a long stretch without a haircut,” He said. “I woke up at 6:45 today to get a haircut, so I made it happen.”

Okay, understandable. It’s not as though Battle’s cut is as bad so much as it is he waits a long time to visit the barber. Fair enough, and he even made the extra effort on media day to get his ears lowered. But what does he think?

“Best haircut? Oh I can’t go with myself. I’ll go worst haircut, Bourama, he’s struggling a little bit. Best haircut I’ll go with my roommate Shaun Belbey,” Battle suggested.

A theme started to develop around Washington and Sidibe as Buddy Boeheim suggested the former as having the best and the latter having the worst. Sidibe himself thinks that Washington had the best cut but failed to name anyone as the worst.

“Awh man don’t put me on the spot. I would say Howard Washington. Best is Howard Washington, I don’t know about the worst,” Paschal Chukwu said.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Syracuse Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last but not least, what about the Syracuse Slovakian?

“Best haircut? Buddy because he looks like me,” Marek Dolezaj said. Worst? He queried, “How about Elijah?”

As it turns out, Hughes wasn’t getting out of this whole thing unscathed.

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