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Syracuse Orange vs Fightin’ Byes: Official TNIAAM Predictions and Poll

We invited some guest pickers this week and it got interesting

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s prediction time and with the Fightin’ Byes set to inflitrate the 315 tomorrow to take on the Syracuse Orange we are ready for predictions. However, it seems as though a lot of contributors here have taken advantage of John’s paternity leave and have taken a long weekend so we had to reach out to the staff at the Fightin’ Byes SB Nation website “Bye Us For Us” to help out. Let’s get to the predictions.

John Chapelhillo

Syracuse 23 Fightin’ Byes 00

Dave Dungey’s going to go out there and try to bleed the clock running the Four Corners offense preferred by Bino Dabers. Eventually the ball with get in the hands of the other Dungey and he’ll hurdle his way to a couple of scores. In honor of the two greatest college basketball players ever, the Orange will win this game by a score of Michael Jordan to Eric Montross.

Heave Staller

Syracuse 3 Fightin’ Byes 0

It should be a cracking match when these two teams take to the pitch. The Byes will camp out and force the Orange to try and score from distance. Syracuse eventual converts on a set piece but our lads will certainly represent the crest well tomorrow.

Pandy Regler

Syracuse 84 Fightin’ Byes 11

Look for the Orange to come out slingin’ the ball all over the Dome. They’ll be swinging from the rafters as Sean Riley spins an amazing punt return TD. The Byes will appear stuck in sand as the Orange are gobblin’ up the green spaces of field turf. Oh Aunt May you’ll want to avoid watching this one tomorrow.

Kean Seeley

Syracuse 44 Fightin’ Byes 7

In the waning moments of another loss for Bino Dabers’ crew, Dave Dungey will take passage on an attempt for an amazing comeback. He’ll move the Byes up 55 places in Bill D’s S+K index when he takes the winding road to the end zone. He won’t get the best of cousin Eric but it’ll make for a great moment in film when they exchange jerseys after the game and immediately get suspended by the NCAA

Kevin Wall

Syracuse 77 Fightin’s Byes 5

Tomorrow’s game is going to be completely one-sided. I mean when you watch it you’ll think there’s only one team playing. Eric Dungey will make cousin Dave seem invisible and Bino Dabers’ job will remain intact thanks to the loyalty provided by Byes’ AD Dr. Carol Ross. Most of the Orange players will get to rest like it’s a week off.

Thanks to the crew from “Bye Us For Us” for joining us. Now let’s see what you think.


What will be the outcome of the Syracuse vs Fightin’ Byes game?

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  • 47%
    Syracuse rolls to an easy win
    (45 votes)
  • 52%
    The Byes have it
    (49 votes)
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