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TNIAAM Roundtable: Expectations for Syracuse Football’s 2nd Half

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the Syracuse Orange football season is over and our 2018 predictions are all still in play. Now that we’ve actually had a chance to watch the Orange play, how do we feel the rest of the season will shake out. Let’s fire up the TNIAAM Roundtable to find out.

What record to you expect from Syracuse over the final 6 games?

Matt McClusky

After Syracuse’s loss at the Pittsburgh Panthers, this season has an “anything could happen” feel to it. That’s likely because the Orange faltered in key situations and in November the last two years under Dino Babers. Ultimately, losing to the Panthers might just be a blip on the radar should the Orange make a bowl game. And honestly, that’s still very much in play given that it’s only October, and given what we have seen and what’s ahead on the schedule. Not to mention, Eric Dungey is still upright and there’s been progress on defense (outside of stopping the run)--all of which means the path for at least two mores wins is there to be taken. At a bare minimum, even with last weekend in mind, SU should still beat North Carolina and then get a Friday win in November over a really bad Louisville team. If Syracuse starts to click again, a road win at Wake Forest should happen too. That’s seven victories, a bowl game and a bright future. If SU falters next Saturday against North Carolina? Then the comments section around here will be more toxic than a Monty Burns factory.

Andy Pregler

I think Syracuse goes 2-4. It’s not the record people wanted, but it’s the record we need. UNC and Louisville should be guaranteed wins. Maybe we win one of the road coin flips versus BC or Wake, but I haven’t seen ’Cuse put it all together on the road in the ACC yet, so I’m going to lean conservative there. There’s a chance they could pull off an upset in the Dome versus NC State, and I’d say that’s the more likely upset over a rolling Notre Dame team in the Bronx. I’ll be satisfied with 2-4, but I’d LOVE to see a 3-3 finish, winning one of those coin flip road games.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Haller

Moving forward, I think that the Pitt game may have been the abberation. The “Syracuse game” that we knew would happen. It’s all predicated on taking care of the next game, of course, but I still see this team where my revised prediction was at 8-4. The biggest weakness we’ve seen is against the run, which also happened to be in absolute shit weather, when our QB couldn’t do a single thing right. I see us taking UNC, and Louisville, as we should. The road game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons is the best rush offense we’ll face, but we should be able to out play them. NC State Wolf Pack at home, dare I say is a toss up. AJ Dillon, as well as ND are downright frightening, unless we can change the run response, which may very well happen. We’ve shown we can play with anyone, but I think we’ll bounce back off the bye and show we can beat some of these coin flips that have eluded us the last few years.

Kevin Wall

I’m looking for the Orange to finish out the year going 3-3 in the final 6 games. Wins will be over North Carolina Tar Heels, Louisville Cardinals and Boston College Eagles in the “Battle for the Pinstripe” in Chestnut Hill. Honestly I’d be satisfied if Syracuse finishes 2-4 and gets back to a bowl game. Will it be disappointing after the 4-0 start? Sure, but when you step back and think about what we hoped for reaching a bowl game this year is still a success.

What do you expect over the final 6 games? Hit the comments and let us know.