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Syracuse Football vs Pitt: Depth Chart Reveals Linebacker Swapping

The two-deep depth chart for Syracuse prior to its road trip to Pittsburgh.

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

While last Saturday may still sting for some fans, the Syracuse Orange face the Pittsburgh Panthers this Saturday in a big game for Dino Babers’ team. The Orange haven’t defeated Pitt in Pittsburgh since 2001, a remarkably crazy amount of time. On Monday, Babers released the two-deep depth chart for this ‘Cuse team attempting to break that streak.

Some thoughts...

  • We’ve got some linebacker swapping as Kielan Whitner and Andrew Armstrong trade outside linebacker roles. To be honest, I wasn’t paying that close attention to their alignment, and both have been playing well this season. I’ll trust the staff on this one.
  • All three tight ends are still listed as “OR”, but Aaron Hackett jumps to the top of the list over Chris Elmore and Gabe Horan. Elmore works well from the backfield, so he may continue in that super blocking role instead of a more traditional tight end.
  • Matt Keller remains the starting long snapper, but Aaron Bollinsky is now listed as an OR. Keller got hurt vs Clemson, and it didn’t look good. I’m guessing the injury is more severe than Dino and staff want to let on.
  • Antwan Cordy gets and “OR” as well. He left the Clemson game injured.

Update: It certainly did not look good and Keller’s now been officially ruled out for the rest of the season. Good luck on the recovery Matt.

Anything else stand out? Want to see anything different versus Pitt?