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What’s college football saying about Syracuse after Week 5?

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Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Obviously the only website you read is TNIAAM. But did you know other websites also exist? And they have opinions about our football team, too!

Each week, we’ll take a look at what those other college football media sites are saying about the Syracuse Orange.

Poll Updates

In case you missed the Sunday post Syracuse is now three spots out of the top 25 in both the Coaches Poll and AP Poll. Like we’ve been saying, it’s not who you beat, it’s how many you beat.

S&P+ Rankings (SBNation)

Syracuse drops two spots to 51st right between the Purdue Boilermakers and Cincinnati Bearcats. Next week’s opponent the Pittsburgh Panthers are 85th while the UNC Tar Heels sit in the 90th spot. The Orange need to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

It’s not a lot of consolation for Syracuse fans, but they were part of Bill C’s Game of the Week and not just because of the Clemson comeback.

Syracuse checked so many boxes on the Upset Checklist that it’s easy to ache for the Orange. They went for it on a couple of key fourth downs. They went deep without fear and hit paydirt. They got a 51-yard bomb from kicker Andre Szmyt. Despite Clemson’s awesome defense, they still had a 10-point lead early in the fourth.

Week 5 Power Rankings: ESPN

Despite the loss, Syracuse moves up one spot to 21st in ESPN’s weekly rankings. We aren’t celebrating moral victories but it’s clear people are noticing that this is a different team.

The Orange had a golden opportunity to upset Clemson for the second season in a row and improve to 5-0 for the first time since 1987, but Syracuse couldn’t finish the deal on the road. Despite the loss, Syracuse still looks like one of the ACC’s three best teams, along with Clemson and Miami. Quarterback Eric Dungey had 250 passing yards and ran for two touchdowns in the loss.

ACC Power Rankings: ESPN

Syracuse stays at 5th in the ACC rankings by ESPN one spot ahead of the Duke Blue Devils.

There’s no shame in the offense struggling against Clemson’s elite D, but what’s frustrating is how many missed opportunities there were. Still, Syracuse proved it belonged on the big stage.’s Chris Carlson moves the Orange up to 4th in his ACC Power Rankings this week mostly because of how Syracuse performed on the road at Clemson.

Syracuse was every bit the physical equal of the No. 3 team in the country until the Orange’s defense wore down in the fourth quarter.

Forcing Clemson to require a late penalty and score a late touchdown to win at home is the most impressive thing Syracuse has done yet and one of the best efforts of any ACC team this season.

If you were wondering Carlson has this week’s opponent the Pitt Panthers 12th this week.

CBS Sports’ 1-130 has the Orange holding steady at 25th right behind the Colorado Buffaloes and just ahead of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The Athletic has the Orange up 4 spots to 26th in their rankings this week and it seems as though a lot of people paid attention to the game on Saturday and not just the final score.