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Take home your own college football national championship

The shirt you asked for, for that thing we should probably have a claim to.

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The UCF Knights held their national championship parade on Sunday, for a title they have a claim to, but few will likely recognize.

Though it’s a bold move by the program to claim a title outside the process of college football, it’s also given birth to similar moves around the country for previous “championships” won with unbeaten seasons. Tulane’s already printed t-shirts for the 1998 season that left the Green Wave previously unrecognized for its accomplishments.

Well, we can think of another team that also went unbeaten during a college football season, without receiving any recognition for it... but now you have a shirt to celebrate it.

If an entire college athletic department can recognize a title if the sport’s structure won’t, then why can’t we? By buying a shirt, you’re not only celebrating a championship and a great season, but you’re telling the world that playing for ties makes you a little bitch.

So join us in not playing for ties, recognizing greatness and claiming what could be construed as “ours” if we really want it to. Buy a shirt -- the shirt you guys asked for in the comments just days ago.