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Matthew Moyer injures his ankle in win

Get well soon, Matt.

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s win over the Boston College Eagles was full of positives for the Syracuse Orange, but the win came with a grain of salt when Matthew Moyer went down. Coming off of a rebound, Moyer went down to floor, which resulted in a travel, as he seemed to hurt his ankle.

News came soon after the freshman forward’s injury that he would not return to the game, and would be reevaluated the following day, according to Pete Moore. The injury occurred a little over five minutes into the game, so the already thin Syracuse rotation became even more depleted for the remained of the night.

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Syracuse
The lack of depth just got even scarier for the Syracuse Orange.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Jim Boeheim wasn't giving much away about how long he expects Moyer to be out, but he did say that "it is an ankle sprain; he could be out a while".

Moyer's injury caused coach Jim Boeheim to turn to freshman forward Marek Dolezaj who played the remainder of the night. Dolezaj was able to fill in perfectly for Moyer's absence, as he finished with arguably one his best performances, putting up 12 points to go along with eight rebounds.

With Dolezaj expected to be inserted into the starting lineup if Moyer misses time, the Orange are going to need him to pick up some of the slack on both sides of the ball. If Dolezaj is able to make plays inside the paint and dominate the glass, the Orange should be okay in terms of making up for Moyer's absence.

Coach Boeheim mentioned playing his three guard lineup of Tyus Battle, Frank Howard, and Howard Washington a bit more while Moyer is out, so the Orange are going to need Washington to be ready to make plays on offense when he enters the game. The three guard lineup gives the Orange three capable playmakers, but this could expose them on the boards if they aren't able to box out.

Get well soon Matt, the Orange need the depth more than ever.