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Designing a Syracuse City Edition uniform

Andy and Kevin continue to cover John’s favorite themes while he’s away

We know that Syracuse Orange basketball has a history of being used by Nike to test special looks. We also know that this has led to some good, some bad, and some please don’t ever try this again. Well now that Nike has designed City Edition jerseys for the NBA we wondered if they could do anything remotely as cool as this one.

It’s hard to compete with the Miami Vice uniforms, but here are some ways Nike could take this concept to the collegiate level.

Syracuse Skyline

Yes this is pretty much what the Utah Jazz have, but admit it that shot of the Dome in the skyline is something a lot of you look for when travelling North on 81.

Syracuse Salt Potatoes


We take a page from minor league baseball and adopt the look the Syracuse Chiefs unveiled last summer. While the Chiefs should adopt this full-time, we just want someone to actually pitch this to Jim Boeheim and capture his reaction on video.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse
“What the hell are we wearing?”
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Ottos

You thought Pennywise was scary, good luck sleeping after seeing this one. Seriously though let’s make sure no one on Nike sees this one.

Now that you’ve seen Andy’s semi-professional looks, here’s a couple of hack jobs from me.

Syracuse Squirrels

Obviously this is crude, but imagine being the marketing person trying to pitch Boeheim on an all-black uniform with a squirrel on the front. As far as the name goes, you’ve seen these squirrels all over Syracuse and if we are going to do something to represent the city it could be this or these next ones.....

Syracuse Lake Effect Squalls

Oh yes we finally found an acceptable reason to wear the platinum. You can’t just have an all-white Syracuse snow storm. It needs to truly depict the gloom of blinding snow, harsh winds and those dark gray winter skies.

Now that we’ve had our fun, submit your own designs in the comments.