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Syracuse Football 2018 ACC Schedule Reaction

Some really quick thoughts on the Syracuse Football schedule from not-John.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 07 Pitt at Syracuse Photo by Jerome Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We now have the complete 2018 Syracuse football schedule to pore over for the next eight months or so while we make predictions about the season.

With John otherwise occupied, you get my scheduling takes! I’m not quite as... surly? as John, but as a season ticket holder in Brooklyn, I do have #takes. Kevin did as well so below is an excerpt of our conversation:

andypregler: This is way better than we’ve had in any ACC season so far, right?

kwallcuse: Absolutely. Ideally we’d like to have more space between Clemson and Florida State, but I also think it’s best to play them earlier in the season as Syracuse continues to build their depth. After those two, the rest of the ACC schedule is a bit more balanced. What do you think?

andypregler: There were two things that stood out to me immediately: the end of the schedule “run” is way better than in past years. Any way to avoid another winless slide for a depth challenged team is great. The second thing is a little more specific, but getting UNC-NC State back to back at home in October is an awesome break to maybe snagging wins 4 and 5. Is there any stretch/timing that stands out to you?

kwallcuse: Right now without a lot of in-depth analysis I think the October stretch is easier than November. If Syracuse can grab the 3 OOC games, I think the Pitt game could be the key to getting to 6 wins by November. UNC-NC State won’t be easy, but I’m not sure that those teams will be better than Wake/BC next year. With only one home game in the final month it would be great if the Orange can avoid the pressure of getting to 6.

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

andypregler: Yeah that’s what I’m feeling as well. I’m assuming Pitt takes a little step up and Wake/BC a little step down, but those games being spread out are pretty great. Something I think you’re more qualified to speak on since I’m an out of towner: this is year one of two of ‘Cuse spending Labor Day/Fair Weekend on the road. Any thoughts on that?

kwallcuse: I think it’s smart from an attendance standpoint. Playing a FCS team on a Friday night just isn’t appealing to a lot of people. Now if Syracuse can go on the road and look good I think it builds a bit more momentum heading into the home opener. Now on the flip side, as an alum in NYC how much value is there in playing Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium as opposed to South Bend?

andypregler: Yeah, I know I’m probably part of a small contingent planning on headed out to Kalamazoo that weekend. (Hooray, beer!) As for NYC, I definitely think the alumni network here is looking forward to the game. If nothing else, unlike in past years, people seem genuinely optimistic with Dino at the helm and the chance to knock off a big name in NYC is way more appealing with his factor over past years. That being said, it’s still a ND home game so we’ll see how Orange the crowd can get. I guess the final thing I’m looking at: Friday night, late in season vs L’Ville with no Lamar Jackson... I shouldn’t sell my tickets this year, should I?

kwallcuse: Absolutely not. It’s too bad the Orange aren’t getting Louisville earlier on in the year (flipping them with Clemson might have made this perfect) but if this season goes a little better that game sets up for a very electric atmosphere. Say what you want about Syracuse fans, but we love to show up for “events” and that’s probably an ESPN game and the potential for the best crowd of the season. For the out of town fans, which game do you think should be the one they can’t miss?

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

andypregler: Figured as much. The Alumni Association will announce Orange Central at the end of the month, and for some people that’s the travel game or the avoid game. But I’m 99% sure they won’t go early September, so I’m picking Florida State. FSU will be better than the punching bag people made them out to be last year, but they’ll be playing with a new coach, under a new system with a young quarterback. I’m pretty sure BillC’s math will have this close to 65/35 FSU, but I think it’s really more 50/50. What’s your final thoughts on the whole thing?

kwallcuse: Syracuse is finally moving in the right direction in terms of scheduling. I think this gives the team a good chance to get back to a bowl game in 2018 and an opportunity to build better support from the community.

andypregler: A bowl game would be awesome and then we can freak out about Dino leaving, ammirite?

kwallcuse: Haha...let’s wait until next November before we start to do that ok?

What do you think? We’ve had some time to stew on this, so let’s talk it out in the comments.

And I guess we’ll let John have the final word.