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Exclusive interview with Jim Boeheim’s jacket

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Our mission here at TNIAAM is to bring Syracuse Orange fans the best coverage possible. On certain occassions we’re able to get a different angle on an Orange sports story and this is one instance. We were fortunate to grab a few minutes early this morning with Jim Boeheim’s discarded jacket to find out how it was able to turn momentum in Syracuse’s 59-45 victory over the Pittsburgh Panthers.

TNIAAM: Before we get started with our questions, we just want to ask how you’re doing emotionally?

Jim Boeheim’s Jacket: I appreciate that. Right now it’s still all kind of a blur to me but I’m like everyone else involved with the team in that I’ll do what I need to get the win. In the end that’s what’s most important.

TNIAAM: Good to hear. Take us back to the moment you were discarded, what was going through your mind?

JBJ: I’m screaming “Get a hand in Parker’s Stewart’s face” and then suddenly I find myself heading toward’s Brad Pike’s chair on the bench. It was a bit of a blur to be honest.

TNIAAM: I’d imagine that had to be shocking. Did you expect that Coach would simply pick you up at the next media timeout?

JBJ: Yeah. I mean it’s not like there is precedent for him doing this. You go back to that ridiculous Tony Greene charge call at Duke and he didn’t toss the coat. I just figured he’d have Devendorf smooth out the wrinkles and I’d go back to close out the game.

TNIAAM: Obviously that didn’t happen so what are you feeling now?

JBJ: Right now I’m proud of the impact I had on the game. Go back and see how many 3’s Stewart hit the rest of the way (Editor’s Note- he made 1 more). We got the win. We get some time off and after a trip to the Wegman’s Dry Cleaners I’ll be ready for the rest of the season.

TNIAAM: What did you do after the game ended?

JBJ: I got back to the locker room and had a bunch of texts from Mike Hopkins’ coats telling me to keep my lapels straight and not stress over it. They go through the same thing every game and they said not to take it personal. Had some other texts from the closets of Sean Miller and Buzz Williams saying I should be thankful that I’m not like them. That really puts things in perspective for me.

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

TNIAAM: Thanks for your time. We all appreciate you giving us a few minutes after your eventful evening.

JBJ: No problem. Tell that Keeley guy I said hello...miss that guy. He was actually funny every now and then.