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Syracuse football will wear ‘classic’ home uniform vs. Middle Tennessee

Well at least we look like Syracuse for once.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we all had plenty to say about the fact that the Syracuse Orange didn’t look very orange when they took the field vs. Central Connecticut State.

Well, this week, SU will at least look at bit more like themselves when the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders come to town.

Going with the "classic' look for #MTvsCUSE

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(that soundtrack is Migos’ “Deadz” featuring 2 Chainz, for those curious)

Syracuse hasn’t worn the look we most commonly associate with the program since game three last season, vs. USF. Since we introduced the new Nike set back in 2014, the Orange have worn this one -- orange helmet, blue jersey, orange pants — just five times prior to this week. They’re 2-3 in those games, with the wins coming against Central Michigan and Rhode Island.

As for the individual uniform elements, we’re 6-16 in the orange helmets, 4-10 in the blue jerseys and 6-8 in the orange pants. None of those records are great, but at least the orange pants are creeping toward .500 after last week’s win.

Also, for those who bet on the Syracuse football Instagram feed and Thursday in the rotating list of where and when the weekly uniform unveil would occur. Congrats! You win 16 Nunesbucks. Email Sean to collect your prize. (I’d personally bet on Friday and the women’s volleyball Twitter feed)

Happy to see us in something that looks a bit more like “us” this week? Hopefully SU can commemorate the classic look with a victory. Scott Shafer (who will be on MTSU’s side of the field) was 2-2 with the orange/blue/orange scheme.