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No, Syracuse football doesn’t need a tougher schedule

If people didn’t bring it up, I wouldn’t keep talking about it.

NCAA Football: Central Connecticut State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If you were on Twitter this morning, you might have noticed my pretty visceral reaction to a Daily Orange piece that was published around Syracuse Orange football scheduling.

Rather than tearing the article or author apart, I’m simply going to place the link in question below and you can do with it what you wish.

As I enter the home stretch on my first year running this place (and my sixth contributing to it), I doubt there’s much more you need to hear from me — or Sean — around scheduling that you haven’t already. Viewing this year’s schedule as disappointing ignores the difficulties of the ACC slate featuring four ranked teams. It ignores the LSU road game entirely. It pretends that every other program isn’t playing FCS teams as well.

You all know this, even if you don’t 100-percent agree. But in case anyone wanted a refresher on why Syracuse’s schedule doesn’t need to be anymore difficult than it already is, some links for you:

Or here’s the link to everything we wrote about scheduling since like 2014.

Scheduling tough didn’t work — something our own athletic director has acknowledged. So let’s not spit in the face of the progress we’ve made.