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Dino Babers: ‘Syracuse has to start faster’

Dino talks SU’s loss to NC State

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

After the Syracuse Orange fell 33-25 to the NC State Wolf Pack, Dino Babers stated what we were all thinking. He also had some fun and made great Dino metaphors.

Syracuse threw an interception on their first possession (again) after sending the opening kickoff out of bounds. First half stats were not good, and SU was trailing 26-7. Babers acknowledged the slow open.

“We’ve got to find a way to start faster. We can’t spot the LSU Tigers or NC State Wolf Pack leads like that and expect to run them back down with the crowd behind them”

He also addressed the fact that the Orange need every guy on the field to be able to handle their responsibilities.

“Part of our team is really, really old and part of our team is really, really young... there has got to be a balance we need our younger people to come along, we can’t fight with one hand behind our backs.”

Babers is no stranger to a sense of humor, and he had no problem discussing the Aaron Servais penalty in the third quarter. Servais pushed Bradley Chubb who went to flop city.

“I thought I was watching Vlade Divac with the Lakers... if Aaron Servais was that strong we would have rushed for 200 yards.”

Then he gave us some good ol’ football advice to describe Syracuse’s defense (Franklin specifically) charging into NC State’s offensive line.

“Football is a physical thing and we were playing a physical team. When you strike big strong things... like a Pinto going against an 18-wheeler that Pinto can have a lot of heart but eventually everything going to fall off of it”

Yes, I had to Wikipedia search a Ford Pinto.

Here’s the presser video if you don’t believe me!