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Syracuse football unveils uniforms vs. NC State

No chrome facemasks this time around, but still a clean look.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

While last week’s white helmets and chrome facemasks were a new look for the Syracuse Orange, they’ll go back to a more traditional uniform this week against the NC State Wolfpack. Per the SU football Twitter feed:

That’s orange helmets, white jerseys and blue pants. And the song’s “Patty Cake” from Kodak Black. Not sure if Syracuse gets the rights to these tunes or what, but in any case, the music’s a fun touch.

For those wondering if the Orange have worn this combo before -- they have, in fact! And in the state of North Carolina already, too. Syracuse donned this exact look against Wake Forest in last year’s monsoon, and lost 28-9.

This is the third time Syracuse will wear orange helmets this year. They’re 1-1 with those in 2017 so far, and 7-17 overall with the orange lids. SU is 4-10 wearing white jerseys, having last used them in the season finale vs. Pittsburgh last year. That game was a loss, as was the previous time they wore the white jerseys (at Clemson).

You probably care least about the pants, but we’re 1-0 wearing blue pants this year, and 3-6 overall with them. Syracuse last wore blue pants when we hosted NC State at the Dome in 2016 (also a loss).

What are you thoughts? I think it’s fine. Clean, looks like Syracuse and even if it should be orange pants instead, I’m not morally opposed. But feel free to disagree below.