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Syracuse football releases week 5 depth chart vs. NC State

No changes, which is probably a good thing.

Syracuse v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

One of the Syracuse Orange’s major goals for last week’s matchup with the LSU Tigers was to get out of Baton Rouge without any major injuries. We’ll see what happens with players like Kendall Coleman and Cody Conway, who both appeared hurt at one point or another vs. LSU. But overall, it seems the depth chart remains largely intact for this week’s game against the NC State Wolfpack.

Or at least that’s what the copy of it on says...

You’ll notice zero changes above — though we know that’s likely not the case. Jamal Custis hasn’t been seen for the past two weeks, but still gets an “OR” distinction with Devin C. Butler. The sophomore Butler saw an increased role vs. LSU and that’s likely to continue for him with Custis apparently out.

Coleman and Conway are the bigger question marks, and more worrisome absences as well. With the offensive line already struggling, losing Conway for any amount of time would be crippling, though especially so against an NC State team that is built to put pressure on opposing lines. Coleman has helped a renewed blitz for SU, and is key to continuing to get that sort of push.

Since this week is the first ACC game of the season, we’ll actually get an injury report. Until then, it’s a speculation-only zone.