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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. LSU recap

Julian and Corey recap a close game and what happens next.

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All season, Julian and Corey will be recapping the Syracuse Orange’s latest football game over the weekend -- rather than waiting for the following week when John and Dan are back on the air.

This week, they discuss Syracuse’s tight 35-26 loss to the LSU Tigers — a fun game for all involved, but one that can be seen in both positive and negative lights afterward. One the one hand, the Orange were very much in this game throughout. On the other, they were unable to finish.

  • Syracuse used its tempo and scheme to close the talent gap with LSU
  • For the first time, more Orange receivers stepped up
  • Why are the safeties getting beat deep in zone coverage?
  • Recapping the what-ifs and mistakes, and what they could’ve meant
  • What does the LSU loss mean for SU’s prospects in ACC play?
  • A look at which current Orange players could eye NFL futures
  • The NC State game will be a great gauge of what this program’s learned

Plan accordingly: This week’s podcast runs about 31 minutes long. Particularly, you’ll receive some great insights on what SU seemed to do so (mostly) right in terms of tactics this week.

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