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Syracuse Orange Football Uniform for LSU Tigers Game Revealed

The Orange get to wear ORANGE!!!! With some fancy new accessories.

SU Football is going to look good in Orange in Death Valley.

When the Syracuse Orange take on the LSU Tigers on primetime, the fulfillment of John, myself and so many others will finally be met: the Syracuse ORANGE will be wearing ORANGE!

* Skies part, angels sing, etc. *

The Orange will be wearing white helmets, orange jerseys, orange pants with white accessories.

As part of the uniform combo, the Orange will be wearing a special chrome face mask on a white helmet for the game.

This is the third time the Orange will wear a special face mask and third time it’s in a marquee game. The last time was on the road versus Clemson last year and before that was the same season versus Notre Dame. In fact, all three previous times the Orange have added an “accessory”, (the third was the Camo decal vs NC State), the Orange have lost. Let’s hope that changes this week.

What are your thoughts on the combo and new face masks? Worth keeping around? Let us know in the comments.