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Syracuse football: Sometimes you just have to be bored

Take what they give you, don’t ask for more.

Central Connecticut State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

A lot of things came out of the Syracuse Orange‘s 50-7 victory over Central Connecticut State on Friday night. Two of the most important pieces were how the Syracuse offense will run and what Eric Dungey will be like behind center.

Dino Babers opened things up by addressing the poor run game, but overall strong offensive performance

Eric Dungey followed up on that when asked about why the offense slowed down after three very successful drives.

“Coaches always tell us be bored, be bored with what you gotta do and don’t try to do too much. [After the first three drives] the guys, me included, just tried to do too much. You just gotta be bored.”

Babers said the team got a little greedy on those drives and started looking for the deep ball.

The game of he said/she said continued with Dungey and Babers who have such an interesting relationship on what they are looking for in Dungey’s play. Originally, Babers wanted him to nix the entire scrambling thing, but he has definitely warmed up to it. Friday we saw Dungey scramble, take a few hits in the backfield and flip over and land on his back once. Here’s what Babers had to say:

“I hope it’s out of his system. He just needs to be smart, obviously he’s very difficult to change when it comes to this stuff but it makes his game. A lot of quarterbacks do that stuff and it affects their accuracy and their numbers and their percentages drop. He does that stuff and he throws for high percentages... He did some nice things, he ran out of bounds a couple of times. That’s a start. He only flipped once.”

Dungey replied with his own thoughts on his scrambling:

“I’m just trying to get as many yards as I can but be smart at the same time. It’s different taking a hit from a 290-pound D-end rather than a cornerback. You can’t play football and not get hit. Coach wants me to be smart but... I’m working on it.”

Both parties had their say and now we’ll see how Dungey plays the rest of the way. But if he stays healthy, Dungey gonna Dungey (in the best and worst ways).

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Other highlights from the presser:

No update on Antwan Cordy’s injury, but Jordan Martin emphasized his leadership and called him the “thermostat” for the squad. He raises the temperature every time he’s on the field.

Babers made it a point to say, “Football teams grow the most between their first and second game,” so this is a big week for the Orange before they line up against Middle Tennessee next Saturday..

Week one in the books.