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Clemson up, LSU (way) down among Syracuse opponents in latest rankings

And the Orange haven’t recouped those votes!

NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Syracuse Orange lost all of their votes in the coaches poll, and this week the goose egg still hangs around. Deliberation “certainly” followed SU’s 41-17 win over Central Michigan.

Four of SU’s top 25 opponents were scheduled against each other this week. Miami and Florida State did not play. Clemson beat up Louisville and LSU took a big upset. Here’s how that changed the rankings:


No. 2/No. 2 Clemson Tigers

Clemson moved up a spot in the AP to solidify themselves as the number two team in College football. They took it to the Louisville Cardinals (No. 19/No.20) in a 47-21 victory. Alabama is still far and away the number one team, so if both keep winning rankings should stay where they are.

No. 12/No. 11 Florida State Seminoles

FSU went down a spot in both polls... again. Fair because teams are winning, unfair because Florida State just hasn't played any games since week one. Last week they were cancelled because of Hurricane Irma, and this week their game with Miami was postponed until October.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

No. 19/No. 20 Louisville Cardinals

Down from No. 14 in both polls, the Cards took on Clemson (see above). A slightly less than respectable loss, but to the second best team in the country so you’ve got to cut them some slack.

No. 14/No. 14 Miami Hurricanes

The ‘Canes went up in both polls even though they had back to back games cancelled. Can’t complain.

No. 25/No. 23 LSU Tigers

Last week the Tigers were No. 12/No. 11... but down they went. LSU lost at unranked Mississippi State 37-12. Their offense and defense were beat around equally, but they just hung on to the top 25.