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Minnesota made a helmet for Goldy; why can’t Syracuse have an Otto helmet?

We’ve joked about this before. Why can’t we just do it?

This week, the Minnesota Golden Gophers (Mark Coyle’s special place) unveiled a new helmet design inspired by their mascot, Goldy Gopher. Spencer Hall was so horrified by the act, he had this to say:

“At least Alabama gives you the courtesy of just losing to a color and a number. This? This is horror, a beating served with an adorable smile on its face. This is potentially taking a beating from a cartoon rodent that only wants to serve you hot dish, and then crack the casserole over your head. Don’t lose to Minnesota when they’re wearing these helmets, is what we’re saying. The psychological damage alone could take years of therapy to undo.”

We’re rarely ones to take anything Minnesota does lying down, so we took it upon ourselves to design some Otto the Orange-themed helmets of our own for the Syracuse Orange. SU should probably just use one of these and thank us later.

Standard #BRAND Angry Otto

S-Themed Happy Otto

S-Themed Real-Life Otto

Real Life Otto Full Helmet

Mike Borkowski Angry Otto Full Helmet


Thoughts? Hate these? Love them? Want Borkowski to just handle instead of amateurs like us? Hopefully someone’s taking these straight to Syracuse Athletics as we speak.