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Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have time for your nonsense

On the hand, we do and we aren’t letting it go unchecked

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks
“You think Lonzo’s better than me”
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans don’t need to be asked twice to defend Carmelo Anthony from the slings and arrows of the media. So I was a bit shocked today when this happened:

Sports Illustrated: Watch people freak when we rank Melo 37th among the top NBA players in 2018.

ESPN: Hold our beer

64th? From 31st to 64th in a year? Ranked behind Lonzo Ball who hasn’t stepped foot on a NBA court yet.

Excuse us Clemson Tigers fans, but we need to borrow some #Disrespeck for a bit here.

Melo wasn’t going to sit back and take this nonsense without a response

Of note in this response is the absence of Hoodie Melo. Hoodie Melo isn’t going to smile and laugh. He’s in the gym right now getting shots up, working on his fitness, letting the bitterness flow through each and every 3-pointer.

These lists are probably the work of Georgetown Hoyas alums... seems like something they’d do while trying to distract themselves from compiling what could be the worst non-conference schedule in the history of college basketball. I mean, we’re all for removing Georgetown from hoops altogether, but this seems like a very roundabout way of doing so.

Stay Me7o, Georgetown.