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Greensboro brings war with Syracuse to our doorstep with CNY’s first Chick-fil-A

Them’s fightin’ words.

Fast-Food Chicken Restaurant Chick-Fil-A Opens First Store In Manhattan Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange’s long-standing war with the South (capitalized) has taken on many forms since we joined the ACC.

You’ll recall:

In the latest chapter, the South decides to hit back a bit, by bringing something quintessentially “theirs” into Syracuse’s front yard.

Never mind the fact that Chick-fil-A’s already been in New York City for a bit, and the Five Boroughs have spent the last decade trying to wrest barbeque titles away from the South. This move to Central New York brings Chick-fil-A, and a little more Southern culture into direct conflict with the Syracuse area.

As someone who does enjoy some Chick-fil-A from time to time (they’re all over Southern California, too), I don’t have many qualms with this from a food standpoint. But from a Syracuse vs. Greensboro standpoint: THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN.

When that Chick-fil-A finally opens, just prep yourselves for the lines, Southern encroachment and the hopeful photo of Jim Boeheim eating there once.

We’re onto you, Greensboro. We’ve already started planning more Wegmans for North Carolina in retaliation...