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Why is Central Connecticut’s mascot such a horrifying creature?

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Just... why are you?

via CCSU Blue Devils

As you’ve known for quite some time, the Syracuse Orange will face the Central Connecticut Blue Devils on Friday evening. Like any #BRAND-conscious college athletics program, they also have a physical mascot. He is quite the scary individual.

“Kizer” as he was dubbed in 2011, is a blue devil. He was named after the school’s first physical education chairman Harrison Kaiser, who later went on to become AD as well.

Blue Devil mascots are fine, probably. We’ve spent a reasonable amount of time with both Blue Devils and Blue Demons in the last 15 years. And while they’re both creepy in their own right, both seem to pale in comparison to this monstrosity... though if we’re being honest, DePaul’s “DIBS” is also a terrifying thing that’s probably hunting Sean down on the streets of Chicago for all of the jokes over the years.

The issue with CCSU’s Kizer here is that he’s modeled completely after the logo, has an unyielding facial structure that surely scares kids and you cannot convince me that he hasn’t eaten a soul or two in his day. Maybe that’s his job description as a literal devil. But I don’t necessarily have to like it.

Syracuse fans are perfectly content with a fluffy mascot, as are most fans. But when you get to humanoid athletic team names, that’s where things can go south. This is one of those times, as Kizer’s static face, wide grin, goatee-looking thing and aggressive hair-band eye make-up turn this into a KISS concert on nightmare fuel.

If you see this individual around campus or on the sidelines on Fridays, be sure to alert your local authorities.