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Syracuse will wear blue helmets, jerseys in opener vs. Central Connecticut

Thought we were out of new combos, but guess not.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

With Syracuse Orange football’s season opener just a couple days away, Wednesday gave glimpse of what the uniforms will look like against Central Connecticut State.

The blue helmet, blue jersey and orange pants look is actually a new combination for SU since introducing this set back in 2014. It’s strange that SU wouldn’t wear the “standard” orange/blue/orange set in the opener, but... whatever, this fan base (self included) will never be satisfied by what the program dons in-game.

For those -- other than myself -- wondering about the success of these uniform elements in the past, Syracuse is 1-5 with the blue helmets, 3-10 with blue jerseys and 5-8 with orange pants. Part of that is influenced by the putrid 11-25 record for the program in the last three years, but that’s certainly not a great track record. The only win with the blue helmets so far was last year vs. Colgate.

Also, would be nice to establish some sort of regular cadence of who/what handle tweets these updates each week (the recruiting feed seems like a strange choice). But alas, another qualm I’ll sideline for now.

How do we feel about this set? It’s new and features SOME orange, but clearly more blue than anything else. Syracuse is 0-3 with blue helmets and blue jerseys together, which won’t make the superstitious among us feel great. But, it is a CCSU game after all.