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We had a Syracuse season preview podcast, but fate deleted it

Here’s what we talked about.

Barring occasional scheduling conflicts, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast has appeared here in its current form — with Dan and me as co-hosts — for the past five years now. Some of you have actively told us you hate the show, and for that, we’re probably sorry. We also may not care, and maybe that’s why fate firmly smacked us in the jaw last night.

We’ll be giving it another shot next week as part of our Central Connecticut State preview. But we also didn’t want you to miss out on this thing that we painstakingly recorded and worked on.

So here’s what we talked about -- the one time we kept things to Syracuse Orange football for at least 95 percent of the episode.

  • It’s a lot harder for Dino Babers to recruit elite offensive linemen than skill players
  • Speaking of the O-line: time to get a little scared
  • An extensive chat about second-string quartebacks, which is a nice luxury
  • What’s the minimum bar that Orange running backs need to leap over?
  • There are too many damn defensive backs and that makes depth chart guessing tough
  • It’s a rarity that a season has such a clear demarcation line of possible wins/losses
  • Who’s peskier: Middle Tennessee or Central Michigan?
  • Why NC State may not be overrated, but yeah... Pitt still is

Consider this an intro to a conversation we’ll be broaching plenty next week, too: What’s going to happen this season? Also, weigh in with your own big questions (or answers) for 2017. And if you want to make requests for coverage elements of this season, maybe use the comments for that as well.