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We need to have a conversation about Syracuse’s #PLATINUM jerseys...

If this site’s taught you anything, it’s that #PLATINUM is not okay.

This site’s had a long and well-established feud with #PLATINUM as an element of the Syracuse Orange athletic identity. The program seemed to be actively eliminating blue in 2014, but that was far from the first instance of rebranding. #PLATINUM horror was unveiled for the basketball team in 2012. And lacrosse sort of caught the disease around the same time.

Since those days, it’s popped up around the athletic department, including the women’s basketball team and squads. But since DOCTOR Daryl Gross left, it’s been slightly muted as blue continued to (oddly) become more prominent once again. #PLATINUM is one of the core elements of the football program’s uniform set, but we rarely see it, save for one time per year.

We thought the 2015 Notre Dame loss mothballed them for good. But they were trotted out vs. Virginia Tech last year, and well... you know what happened there.

We bring all of this up because of a poll that released on Tuesday — one that strangely featured a certain #PLATINUM uniform far higher than it should’ve been around midday.

As of this writing, those horrendous uniforms were still in fifth place, with just short of six percent of the vote.


Syracuse has one official color (orange). And for decades, blue has been the primary accent color. #PLATINUM is not on the list, despite what periodic embraces tell you. And despite what the color coding of the school’s website might suggest, it’s just not part of our athletic #BRAND identity.

This poll is still going, though, so there’s still time to fix this wrong. Vote for literally anything except the awful gray nonsense we never want to see again.